A Day in the Life of a Photographer

A Day in the Life of a Photographer

What does a day in the life of a photographer look like?

It is a busy and fun day! Slightly exhausting, but always rewarding. I never shoot more than two in a day (OK, that's a fib – I once did 3 in a day / 5 in a weekend… and never again!). One in the morning at 10am and one in the afternoon at 2pm. This allows me to avoid the direct sunlight for outdoor shoots and also allows the sun to pass by my studio windows.

Saturday 7:30am

I generally only shoot on Saturdays and Sundays, as this is when both Mums and Dads are home and kids are out of school.  I usually wake up around 7.30am or so to make sure I have a hearty breakfast and have enough time to get ready.


I start checking my camera gear – are my batteries fully charged? Lenses clear of dust? Memories cards clear? I then start setting up my beautiful props and backdrops, carefully selecting complimentary tones and textures. 


Shoot time! My outdoor sessions are hosted in the beautiful gardens of Airfield Estate in Dublin and my newborn baby/ formal portrait sessions in my Dundrum home studio


If I’ve been at Airfield, I always walk past the animals to see if any want their photo taken! Last week I was lucky enough to have a curious little goat right at the gate who wasn’t shy at all! By this stage I’m very keen to see how the images turned out, so can’t wait to download them onto my Mac. I always send a ‘sneak peek’ image to my clients on the day of the shoot, as I know they are as keen as me to see how the photos turned out!


Time to rest! Just kidding! When the last shoot of the day is completed, I start narrowing down my favourite images to make sure that I have a beautiful gallery of at least 20 unique photos. This is a tricky process, but very important – I cull the images that are duplicates/ out of focus/ blinking etc. When I have my best 20 images, I spend the next week or so editing these in both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to ensure that the colours are corrected consistent with my usual style. 

Interested in a photo shoot?

Melbourne Family photoshoot

So that’s a day in the life of a family photographer! Is it what you expected? Have a read of my ‘what to wear’ blog post for tips on how to prepare for your session, and check out my Information page for details on pricing and packages.  I’d love to meet you and your family to capture precious, timeless memories. You can get in touch at any time to discuss (phone: 087 401 6013 or email: sarah@sarah-joy.com).