A New Baby Brother

A New Baby Brother

Welcome to the world, Baby Cameron (6 weeks)

Having a new baby brother enter the house can be a daunting thing for some 2 year olds – but not for this little guy! There were plenty of cuddles and kisses in yesterday’s newborn session and luckily enough I was able to press the shutter in time! This is a rare occurrence, let me assure you – getting toddlers to get anywhere near their new siblings is sometimes mission impossible. These moments are so special for a mother, so I made sure that this was the focus of our session.

The perfect model

Baby Cameron was the most calm and serene baby I have met yet. At only six weeks new, he only made a peep if he was hungry and was completely chilled out for the rest of the session. We were even lucky enough to get a few smiles out of the little guy!

Patience and Persistence

Sometimes it takes a little patience and persistence to ‘get the shot’ – especially when dealing two kids. I need to make sure that my camera is ready to go on the right setting (able to hit the shutter quickly!) to make sure that I don’t miss any special moments. The chances of these happening again are slim, especially if you ask them!


Babies change and grow so fast at this age, so it’s important to capture these moments while they are still little. It’s so easy to forget how small their feet and hands were, so I always make sure to get out my macro lens and capture these – especially next to Mam or Dad’s hands to show the size difference.

But what should I wear?

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