Baby Conor - 2 months

Baby Conor’s first photo shoot

I just wanted to share this photoshoot of the gorgeous Conor, that I took over the weekend. Hasn't he got the most adorable little blue eyes, lovely cheeks and a fantastic smile! Just looking at these fantastic pictures makes me want to pick him up and cuddle him again!

Baby Conor melbourne baby photos

Little baby Conor came for his first baby photoshoot at 2 months. If you’ve been reading my blogs, I generally feel it’s better to get a newborn photoshoot in the first 14 days because babies grow SO quickly at this stage and you really can miss out on some amazing photographs of them. However, as you can see, we can still get beautiful images of your little one at any time and I really have no issue covering family photoshoots beyond the newborn stage and onwards. As they get older you can get more eye contact and you’ll start to see a glimmer of their personality shining through. Even from just a few months old you can really see their expressions developing… Just look at the way Conor is holding himself in these pictures, blue eyes shining and that gorgeous smile!

You may notice I don’t rely heavily on props in my photographs. I like my family photoshoots to be relaxed and have a more natural feel. The Mums and Dads I’m working with will let me know their favourite colours in advance and I will ensure they’re featured in the gallery.

It is always worth bringing a few items along that are special to you and your baby for the photoshoot. Whether that’s a personalised outfit, hand knitted cardigan, a toy. These are all a big part of the early years of your little one. Capturing them in the photographs will add to your special memories and make them even more personal.

newborn baby toes 2 months

 If you or any of your friends would like to book in a newborn, baby, family or toddler photoshoot in Melbourne and you enjoy a natural, relaxed feel to your photographs, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to meet you and your family soon!