​Baby Ellie – 12days

Introducing Baby Ellie, born 30th  August 2016 

Ellie [pronounced: ELL – ee], meaning: bright shining one

I had the pleasure of photographing little baby Ellie and her family on her 12th day last weekend. This little princess was a dream bay, sleeping throughout most of her session and never making a fuss. Just like her parents, she was so easy going – very patient and just going with the flow of the session! Of course, being the first girl in the family for her Mum and Dad, we had to pop sweet little Ellie in some beautiful pink setups, but I really wanted to keep it relatively neutral to make sure that Ellie was the star of the show. I love the simplicity of these setups which complement her beautiful skin tone and show the love that her family already have for her.  Her Mum and Dad love black and white and have plans for some beautiful close ups of Ellie's sweet face to adorn their walls, so once again my trust macro lens was never far away! 

Check out her perfect little feet and toes - we think she will be quite tall! 

'Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body'. ~ Elizabeth Stone.

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