Baby Emily – 5 weeks old

Baby Emily – five weeks old

Emily [pronounced: EH - m ih - l ee], meaning rival or strong. 

Welcome to the world!

I met little five week old baby Emily on the weekend, who was an absolute doll! What a lovely and easy job I have, getting to cuddle and photograph such precious models! Emily came along with her big brother Ben (2 years), who was such a cheeky character. It can be hard for a two year old to maintain patience and concentration when outside their normal comfort zone (and without all their usual toys!). But he put up with my requests and bribes, and let us take some beautiful photos which I’m sure his parents will cherish forever.

Baby Emily, Five Weeks

We started Emily’s session by keeping her in the sweet little outfit she arrived in, and did some lovely photos with her parents. This eases everyone into the session, and allows the kids to get used to all the new sights, sounds, smells and my voice. I then moved onto the posing beanbag where I got some close up shots of Emily’s features and tried a few more angles. After a feed and change, Emily was in a beautiful deep sleep, so we popped her in this beautiful white bowl for the last setup.

Newborn Sessions

Most sessions take approximately two hours, ensuring plenty of time for feeding, cuddles and rests. We let the baby run most of the session, ensuring they never feel rushed or uncomfortable. Newborn photo shoots can be taken at all ages, but the best time to book a shoot is while you’re still pregnant so you can choose your preferred date! The optimal time for super sleepy and squishy babies is within the first two weeks, but I’ve been lucky enough to get a nine week old and twelve week old baby to sleep before! I do like a challenge :) 

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