Brotherly Love

Baby Lochlann - 15 days

Born on 18th February 2017 at 3:15am 

Sweet baby boy

Baby Lochlann popped into the studio today on his 15th day in the big wide world. He and his lovely family were an absolute pleasure to have, everything was fun and easy! We had loads of laughs as we changed clothes and mopped up a few 'accidents' throughout the day! 

Cuddles with Mam

To help the little man sleep, we played lots of white noise, turned up the heater to keep him comfortable and of course he loved being wrapped. We stopped plenty of times for top-up feeds and cuddles, ensuring that no-one felt rushed - so little Lochlann basically ran the show of course! 

Big Brother

Lochlann's big Brother Luca tried to steal the limelight today, he was definitely the star of the show in the downtime when his little Brother was feeding and resting. We played dress-ups with my mini glasses and doesn't he just make the perfect Clark Kent?! 


Luca was intrigued by his new little Brother, ensuring that the cuddles were gentle and that little Lochlann was kept happy all the time. He happily agreed to go along with our ideas and needed little direction. At one point he was even showing his Dad where to sit for the family portraits! 

More Information

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