Baby Photography Milestone Sessions

Baby Photography Milestone Sessions

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Baby Marlowe - 6 months

Oh how I love seeing my sweet baby clients grow up, and I had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with little baby Marlowe again recently. I photographed her when she came in for her newborn photos at just 6 weeks, and now look at her at 6 months already! I always love getting updated photos of my clients as they grow and their personalities start to develop, so I was super excited about this shoot. Little Marlowe’s Mum and I both had the same idea of ‘recreating’ the baby photos to show the comparisons of her growth. So we setup the same toys, beanbag and even outfit (yes she squeezed into it!) which was so much fun. Check out the photos below.

6 weeks and 6 months

Baby photography milestone sessions

Here’s little Marlowe on my posing beanbag at 6 weeks, and loo at her now sitting up on the same beanbag at 6 months! Could she be any cuter if she tried? Those cheeks are so cute, and I really adore this cute little headband her Mum brought along. I also really love the simplicity of a plain romper in photoshoots, especially the plain white singlets. They show off all the gorgeous rolls on the baby’s arms and legs which they will eventually grow into.

baby photography milestone photography

How cute are these two? I can’t wait to continue to photograph their beautiful relationship together. Marlowe’s lovely Grandmother also came along for this session, which was so great to see the 3 generation of women! Scroll down to see all the stunning images in their video highlights reel.

Baby Photography Highlights Reel

Let your children live as children. They’re only that little for a short while!
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I’d love to meet you and your family to continually capture the growth of your little one. And yes of course I discount for each future session to thank you for coming back to the studio! We can host your newborn sessions in my Fitzroy photography studio, and if you want to mix things up for the older baby session - we can go next door to the leafy Edinburgh Gardens for more casual and relaxed photos in the green park. This is especially great for those who have more than one baby, so that the others an run around, have fun and you will be guaranteed to get some amazing family portraits.

Please call Sarah any time on 0418 526 248 or email . All my information including pricing packages is listed on the Information page of my website here.