Before and Afters

Before and After Photoshoots 

I love seeing before & after shots! 

A lot of work goes into the final product of a photograph, including editing in Photoshop, merging multiple files, cropping, colour correction, or simply converting to black & white (which I love to do!). This week's blog theme is Before & Afters, inspired by the amazing Instagram account ‘Inspired By Colour’ - check out the awesome work on there!

How is it done?

The below above was tricky because little Ava was only about 8 months at the time of the photo (and now 1, happy birthday!), so she couldn’t sit up and support herself yet. To ensure baby’s safety, Mum was right by her side so that she was supported – while I worked quickly to capture her before she crawled away! Then with the magic of Photoshop, I was able to combine a few photos to make sure her Easter bunny ears and cute little toes were all in the frame!  

I borrowed the feet and Ava's pretty face from these images!

Maternity Timelines

Maternity / pregnancy timelines are a great way to celebrate this exciting time in your life by showcasing the beautifully growing belly. Again Photoshop is my friend here, as over the 9 months we take an identical photo and stitch them together one-by-one. 

A pregnancy timeline over 9 months


are so important in newborn photography, to get the cute pose whilst keeping the baby comfortable and safe at the same time. This ‘froggy’ position here was posed and styled by Dewdrops Photography in a recent workshop I attended. Of course babies don’t have the strength to support themselves like this, so in this example, I took two photographs and merged them together to create this look. It becomes more tricky when the baby has siblings, as getting a baby and toddler in the right position / looking at the camera simultaneously is mission impossible! 

Composite Baby Photography (Froggy Pose)

Make a Booking

If you’re interested in a newborn photoshoot like any of the above, please get in touch while you are pregnant to ensure the perfect timing for your booking. Photographs are best taken when bubs is under two weeks old, so that he or she is super squishy, sleepy and settled.