Melbourne Birth Photography Shoot

Melbourne Birth Photography Shoot

Baby Elliot, born Saturday 8th December 2018

I had the pleasure of photographing an amazing experience this weekend – a caesarean birth photo shoot.  Photographing a birth has been on my bucket list for a very long time – since I took a class from the amazing Victoria Berekmeri years ago (I also highly recommend her book ‘The Business of Birth Photography’). It was one of the most amazing moments that I have witnessed in my life and I am so grateful for my clients for letting me document their story and share her special day with you.

frances perry hospital entrance.jpg

A word of warning to those who may be a bit squeamish at the slight of blood, whilst I have converted all of the operating images to black and white, you may want to quickly skim past one or two!

birth photography photo shoot

Documenting the day

It was an early start for the Mum & Dad to be, their appointment was booked for 7:00am, so I met them out the front of the Frances Perry House Hospital (part of the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne). I took advantage of the down time by ensuring I captured all the special moments that made up the day, including regular clock intervals, Dad getting in his scrubs, mum being wheeled into the theatre room etc. You could sense the excitement and anticipation in the room, and any chance of some nerves were quickly quashed by the lovely nurses who were so sweet, patient and accommodating.

birth photography photoshoot

A star is born!

Show time! Before we knew it, we were all dressed in our blue scrubs and hair nets and were finally let into the operating theatre. The process from there was so quick, and within 30 mins (at about 9:38am!), a beautiful baby girl was born!

caesarian birth photoshoot

I must admit that I was a bit emotional – a multitude of feelings, so proud of the parents, gratitude for the Doctors and Nurses, and of course to see the cute and fresh little face of a baby emerging! The image below brings back so much emotion so I know the parents are going to love these precious memories - especially the mother who missed all the action from behind the blue sheet!

doctor delivering baby c section photoshoot

Welcome to the world sweet baby Elliot

Sweet baby Elliot was so cute, as you can see she had the cutest little set of cheeks on her. There were many special moments that followed including her first hug with her new parents, having the cord cut by her dad and being weighed in (3.5kgs).

melbourne birth photo shoot

I am so grateful to have had this experience, and I know that Elliot’s parents are going to cherish these images forever. A huge thanks to the amazing Doctors and Nurses for having me in their theatre, I certainly didn’t take it for granted, and they never let me feel like I was in their way (event though I definitely was!).

Melbourne Birth Photography Photo shoot

Elliot’s next photoshoot

I can’t wait to photograph their beautiful little girl in my studio shortly and look forward to sharing the images with you, so stay tuned for Part II! (Post Script: Here’s the link for Elliot’s newborn shoot)

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