Dublin Zoo Expedition

Orangutan and Chimpanzee

Today I had the pleasure of exploring the Dublin Zoo in Phoenix Park, home to 400 beautiful creatures. It opened long ago in 1831 and gave me a good work out as we traipsed through 28 acres of various habitats. The Orangutan Forest was home to a family of four Bornean Orangutans including Leonie (above), who is 35 years old!  


There were plenty of Ostriches cohabiting with the Giraffes who weren't scared to get up and close to us - check out the talons on this guy! Thankfully I had my super long lens to keep my distance, Ostriches are strong - these legs can run 65 km/h and can cause some serious damage! 


Have you ever heard of an Okapi? No, me either. They are an endangered species from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I thought it looked like a brown zebra, but apparently they are more linked to the Giraffe family! 

Lions, Lemurs and Flamingos, oh my! 

Do you know what the collective noun for a group of Flamingos is? It is a flamboyance! :) 

Giraffes in love 

These Sub-Saharan Giraffes can grow up to 6m in height; weigh 1900kgs and their tongues measure 45cm! 

Other guys just hangin' out (and hiding from the African Hunting Dog)

Rhinoceros (Southern White)

I was so excited to see the Rhino in the African Savannah, although he was a little intimidating! 


And last but not least, my favourite - the Penguins. These were 16 of these cute little things, who hail from South America but were very much at home in their Irish habitat. And how cool is this - you can spy on these guys 24/7 on the Dublin Zoo's webcam here

I had the best time today, so highly recommend heading down to Phoenix Park and visiting these amazing animals-maybe avoid it on the weekend / school holidays if you can, as it is very popular! In fact, the Zoo is one of Ireland's most visited attractions, with more than one million visitors a year. Thanks for checking out my photos. I'd love to hear who your favourite was :) .