Maxi and Matilda

Maxi (5 years) and Matilda (10 months)


Maxi and his baby sister Matilda popped into the studio this week for their family portraits. It was a lovely day meeting their parents and lovely Grandmother - we all had a fun afternoon full of laughs and smiles. Matilda had only started crawling over the last 2 weeks and she sure did keep me on my toes. All of our toes - lucky we had extra sets of hands! When you're only 10 months young, everything seems huge in the big wide world (suddenly my props became toys!). Maxi was so patient with little Maddie - even when she pulled the poor guy's hair! He played with her, wasn't phased at all by waiting for her to look at the camera and gave the biggest bear hugs!

Brother and Sister

Taking family photos is the best job in the world to me, and doesn't feel like work at all when I'm just hanging out on the floor Kids grow up so fast, especially when they are just babies, so that's why it's so important to capture your family as Family sessions typically last approx 45-60 mins, depending on the number of family members joining in. We spend plenty of time relaxing and allowing the kids to become comfortable with me, before I even pick up a camera. I always suggest bringing shameless bribes, especially for the little ones who don't have the attention span for much longer (especially around nap time!). So bringing along a favourite toy is always a good trick to A) get eye contact with the camera, and B) make it fun most importantly!

More Information

If you're interested in having a family photo shoot, please free to get in touch any time on Ph: 087 4016013 or email: I'd love to meet you and your little ones! You can pop into my studio or meet me in the beautiful Airfield Estate gardens next door. For more details and for pricing, please check out my information page here. I also have a handy blog here on what to wear in a family photo session with more info on what to expect.