What to expect in a Family Photo Shoot

What to expect in a Family Photo Shoot

The negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score, and the print the performance.
— Ansel Adams

Why are photo shoots so important to me?

I’m always stressing the importance of family photos and encouraging you to be in them – kids grow so quickly and time really does fly. It’s also a lovely thing to keep and pass down the generations and rotate on your walls. They're priceless, you'll always look back on them with fond memories and it's a great way for kids to realise the importance of family. 

What to expect

Fun! My family photo shoots are always full of laughs, they are natural and un-posed – the kids always have a good time as there is lots of running around, playing, climbing trees and games of hide and seek. There are two types of photo shoots that I offer:

1. A more formal shoot in my studio

Photos taken in my Dundrum home studio will have a consistent background (window and backdrop/ wall) featuring beautiful wooden floors and sheer curtains. The studio is also great for younger babies who can't roam outdoors yet, or anyone who wants to include props for a styled shoot or if you have particular theme in mind. I have a beautiful range of vintage baskets, blankets and wraps that you are welcome to choose from.

2. A casual outdoor session 

Outdoor photos are hosted in the Airfield Estate gardens featuring beautiful old trees, long garden paths, secret hiding holes and even farm animals. This is the perfect setting for your kids to relax and get to know me before I even pull out the camera – sometimes handy for younger kids or ones who need a little more time to warm up to new people. Outdoor shoots are also great in case you want to bring your pets along too - they are a key part of the family too after all! :) 

Learn More

For pricing and more information on my family photo shoots, please visit my Information page and check out my recent Testimonials here. If you’re interested in making a booking, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – I’d love to meet you and your family

A picture is worth a thousand words; A fine art print so much more.
— Steve Denby