My favourite season for lifestyle family photoshoots

Lifestyle Family Photoshoot

I recently photographed a lovely family who asked me to do a lifestyle shoot at a local park.

Autumn is one of my FAVOURITE times of year… The amazing colours with gorgeous colours everywhere, lovely sunlight shining through the trees. It’s warm, but not too hot and there is something magical about walking through the fallen leaves.

Introducing the cutest kids ever  

This family wanted a fun photoshoot, nothing too staged and they wanted me to capture their two children having a good time in the park. Their children are the  lovely little Jake who is 3 years old and their gorgeous baby, Isla who is just 18 months!

A walk in the park

I know this lovely park really well and I thought it would make an amazing photo shoot. To see the family walking through the leaves, climbing trees and generally just having a great time… While they’re enjoying themselves, I can capture some really special moments of them all together. Whenever I photograph a lifestyle portrait session, I always go out of my way to find beautiful trees and plants that look amazing and the kids absolutely love to play with. If they really engage with their surroundings and enjoy their little mini adventure, then that really shines through in the photographs. Needless to say kids always have huge amounts of fun on my outdoor photoshoots… It’s important that I spend time with them and get to know them, so they feel comfortable with me and of course in front of the camera. This way they don’t feel like they have to ‘work’; they’re not there to pose, but to have a great time. If they feel comfortable with me, then I can capture them at their most natural.

flowers in outdoor lifestyle photoshoot

This applies equally to the parents. This isn’t a ‘Photo session’ but a fun walk in the park where you can spend some quality time with your kids, have a laugh, enjoy the fresh air and of course I’ll be there to capture that special moment in time. The smiles you see in my pictures aren't the forced grimaces of adults and kids being told ‘smile’ over and over again, but the natural fun loving smiles of a family out for an amazing day.

 If you’d like me to capture you and your family on a stroll through the park having a great time, please contact me today to arrange your lifestyle photo shoot.

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