Baby Chloe, 2 weeks

Baby Chloe

Born on 10th April 2017 at 3:35pm, weighing 6lb 14oz 

Chloe (KLOH-ee)

 The name for the Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility

A week ago I met baby Chloe and family for her first photo shoot at just two weeks old. She was the cutest little doll, with immaculate skin, luscious lips and eyelashes to make you jealous! Chloe was a tiny little dot, not even able to fit into my bonnets just yet! She slept like an angel, letting us capture her in the beautiful Ireland light. We made sure to focus on her delicate features, including fingers and toes- as they grow up so fast, it can be hard to remember them being so small! 

Sweet baby girl

Chloe's Mam brought along a beautiful soft pink blanket which kept her warm in between setups. It's always great to bring in a special item or piece of clothing as it gives the photos more meaning and tells your unique story. 

Behind the Scenes

I prepared for Chloe's photo shoot the night before, ensuring lots of beautiful neutral and baby pink tones to complement her perfect skin tone. Here's a behind the scenes photo of my studio, featuring beautiful floor boards, floor to ceiling windows and a gas wood fired heater to keep bubs at the right temperature. 

What's Next? 

It's a busy week for me, I have another family coming in for their portraits tomorrow so look forward to sharing more beautiful images with you! Children grow up so fast, so remember to print your photos! You will cherish them forever.  

More Information

If you're interested in having a family photo shoot, please feel free to get in touch any time on 087 4016013 or email: I'd love to meet you and your little ones! You can pop into my Dundrum studio or meet me in the beautiful Airfield Estate gardens next door. For more details, check out my information page here