Newborn Photography in Melbourne

Introducing Newborn Baby Boy, Mason ~ 3 weeks

Born 18th April 2019

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Welcome to the world baby Mason

Mr Mason came in for his first photoshoot at 3.5 weeks old and slept through his entire session! Such a trooper and nothing fazed him at all - he snoozed through all his feeds and outfit changes. What a perfect baby! I can assure you that this is quite rare, we usually have to stop and rest for feeds and cuddles but this guy just cruised through it all the session was done and dusted in 90 mins!

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Mixing it up

I made the most of the most relaxed baby ever by trying to fit in as many outfit and prop changes as possible, trying not to jinx myself! His parents were super chilled which obviously has rubbed off on their little one. I love using beautiful neutral tones in my sessions to make sure that the baby is the star of the show. For boys I love creams, browns, greys and light blues. For girls I love peach, pale pink, white and cream. I ask my parents to come wearing outfits in similar colours so that they match the photos well which create a beautiful and seamless gallery of images.

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Life just got real!
— Unknown
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My sleepy secrets

My best tips to help baby to sleep are:

  1. A full tummy - everyone loves a milk drunk bub.

  2. Heat - I always heat my rooms quite warm, as we are changing the little one a few times through the session. And they’ve just come out of a toasty warm womb so babies love being warm.

  3. White noise - I always have my ]Baby Shusher’ going in the background, and my space heater whirring away which has a real calming effect on the baby

  4. Wrap wrap and wrap! I usually ‘double wrap’ my babies, which help them to feel comforted and safe

  5. Sway away - I swaddle the baby and swing / sway which seems to settle them and pop them to sleep every time. My arms do eventually get sore though!

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Newborn Photography in Melbourne

If you’d like to book your family in for a photo shoot, I’d love to help and know you will love your images! My studio is located in Fitzroy, or we can meet in a beautiful leafy park. Newborn sessions last approx 90 mins to 2 hours, allowing plenty of time for changing outfits, feeding, rests and cuddles. I provide all the props, backdrops, wraps, outfits etc, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Please do bring along any special items, i.e. a knitted blanket from a grandmother etc.