Baby Nora - 10 Days

Melbourne Newborn Photographer

Nora [nAW-r-ah] - A classic Irish name, it could be a shortened form of Eleanor meaning “torch” or could be from the Latin Honora meaning “honor". 

It was such a pleasure to meet little baby Nora for her first photography session on her 10th day. She had two older brothers who were so easy going and excited to give their new baby sister plenty of cuddles and weren't afraid to be in front of the camera. Being the first girl in the family after two boys was so special for Nora's parents, so I thought it only appropriate to celebrate with plenty of pink! Her dainty little features were so beautiful, from her head to her toe and she slept for most of the session, not at all worried about the commotion around her! The eldest big brother, Jason is 8 years and was so protective of Nora, ensuring he held her properly and always keeping an eye on her so she was happy. Michael (5 years) was full of character and loads of fun - I love that he had a smile on his face the whole session! These two were like peas in a pod, getting along so well and just great mates. 

Today was extra exciting for me as it was my first newborn shoot in my new Dublin studio (pic below), which thankfully is much bigger and brighter than the one I had in Melbourne. It took about a month for my photography props to be shipped over from Australia, and thankfully they all arrived in one piece! I've been spending the last few days keeping an eye on the light during different times of the day to determine when the sun hits the studio and how many layers of curtain I would need. I also recently purchased some beautiful new blanket backdrops from Roses and Ruffles and some sweet little tiebacks from Created by Carli and Vanilla Lullaby to feature in my sessions. I've got a little 2 week old boy coming over for his session tomorrow, so am looking forward to sharing more precious images with you! 

My home studio in Dundrum