My favourite photo editing apps for iPhones

My favourite photo editing apps for iPhones

I recently posted about what’s in my camera bag and shared a few tips/ ideas in my Photography 201 blog, but today I want to show you what photo editing apps I use for my iPhone to bring out the best in my images. I am the first to admit, that I don’t take my ‘proper’ camera out with me often enough – mainly because it is heavy and too big to fit in a normal handbag! If I’m travelling I tend to leave it at home and tend to just use my iPhone. The quality of the camera on the most recent iPhones is quite good – I use an iPhone 6 and the built in iSight camera has an aperture of f/2.2 and 8 megapixels.


Instagram is great because it provides an easy link to integrate your photos to your other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.


VSCO has some great filters and also includes its own camera and sharing platform.

Layout from Instagram

Layout from Instagram is a tool I use to create all my collages – my favourite is the 2x2 matrix.

Little Moments

Little Moments is the app I go to if I want to includes text or designs in my photos.


Snapseed is the whole package as it consolidates all the features (adjustments and filters) from most of the apps listed into the one easy app.

Other Apps

I have a couple of other apps that I use religiously that aren’t necessarily related to photo editing, but worth a mention regardless:

Google Photos

Google Photos is a great app for backing up your phone, which is great if space on your phone is a concern.


The Repost app allows you to save images from Instagram that you wish to re-share and automatically re-quotes the original poster.

What's your favourite? 

What are your favorite apps for editing? I know there are a million others out there. Have you tried them? Share the love and let me know if there’s any you recommend!