Photographers who inspire me

Photographers Who Inspire Me

There are so many fantastic photographer’s out there that have inspired and also taught me along the way. I’ve taken snippets of their own style and used them as inspiration when honing my own unique style.

Luisa Dunn Photography

Luisa Dunn Photography runs a two-day workshop with Elise Gow which was instrumental in proving me with ideas about how to use colour in my newborn baby photo shoots.  So it’s no surprise that she was the create of the amazing Instagram account called Inspired By Colour. I've enjoyed dabbling in Luisa's digital backdrops over the last couple of years, which have really tested my Photoshop skills! 

Kelly Brown, Little Pieces Photography

I also attended a two-day workshop with Kelly Brown, who is also the founder of The Baby Summit, an annual conference for newborn and baby photographers (it's running right now!). Kelly inspired my love of using natural/ neutral colours in my shoots which are perfect for ensuing the baby is the key subject of each image. Kelly sells amazing video classes on Creative Live which I am always watching to keep up to date and better my skills.

Sue Bryce

I am a member of the Sue Bryce Education program which not only provides me with great training to do with portraits and posing, but also the marketing side of my business. I adore her no-nonsense approach, there are no excuses for not staying up to date and improving your style. 

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is of course everyone’s favourite, she has inspired photographers around the globe for more than four decades. She teaches us to push the boundaries (refer 'that' 1991 photo of Demi Moore!) , not to be afraid of what anyone thinks and to always try new things with your creativity.

Anne Geddes

And last but certainly not least, Anne Geddes – the original newborn photographer. Creating a new unique genre of photography on her own, everyone can immediately recognise her whimsical artwork.

Who did I miss?

Obviuosly there's more photographers who inspire me - I’d love to hear who your favourite artists are!

Family Photography

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