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Baby Zoyah’s Story

Born on 6 July 2018 at 26 weeks

Premature baby photoshoot melbourne

Introducing Sweet Baby Zoyah

Baby Zoyah came into the studio last week for her first photoshoot at 6 months old. She’s no ordinary baby and already has a huge story to tell. Born weighing only 750 grams, this little girl was due on the 12th October, but instead came into the world on the 6th of July.

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Twins Zoyah and Zunairah

Born at 26 weeks, this little doll was brought into the world with her twin sister Zunairah who only weighted 420 grams. Unfortunately the twins’ mum experienced complications during the pregnancy and faced a difficult decision when discovering that the twins were suffering from the rare and dangerous Twin-to-twin Transfusion Syndrome. This occurs when an imbalance in the blood flow from from one baby (the donor) to the twin (the recipient) causes a serious and threatening relationship in the womb.

Sadly little sister Zunairah didn’t survive, which was such devastating time for her parents. Fortunately they got to spend some special time with her to say goodbye, but I can’t image how difficult this time would have been for them dealing with the heart-break of losing their tiny baby girl. Zoyah continued to keep fighting on over the next few months in the NICU unit praying that little Zoyah put on weight and continue to grow. Thankfully, this miracle baby is super strong and with the help of the amazing staff at the Monash Children’s Hospital, baby Zoyah eventually came home to her parents who have a great support network.

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Miracle Baby

Super resilient, cute, healthy and strong, baby Zoyah was an absolute pleasure to have in the studio at 6 months. This special girl was such a perfect model in her session and not afraid to show her cheeky personality. So easy going and never complaining (the life of a star is tough you know!), I was able to get through many setups in this session, making sure that we used all her mummy’s favourite colours.

Premature baby photoshoot melbourne

Follow baby Zoyah’s Journey

You can follow baby Zoyah and her parents’ journey from her Instagram here & also an interview from StarMums. Zoyah is meeting all of her targets and living life like the amazing 6 month old that she is. She really is a special and happy girl. It was such a pleasure to meet this lovely family who have been through so much, the love that they have for their little one is overwhelming.

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Highlights Reel

My clients love their highlights video reel which is perfect for sharing with family and friends. It’s the perfect way showcase the baby’s personality in less than 60 seconds!

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