Why it’s important to print your family photos

Why it’s important to print your family photos

Warning... Bad baby photos of me ahead! 

Do you print your family photos?

I write to you today to urge you to print your photos - the ones you love of your kids, siblings, parents, grandparents - even your pets! If you love them, then the chances are that others would love to see these on your desk at work / on your walls at home or in a beautifully bound book on the coffee table. I fear that prints are a dying art given the digital age we live in, but I still think they're important and something we should keep for generations to come. 

Why is printing your photos so important?

I do, it’s especially important to me since moving from Australia to Ireland – I have an amazing calendar that my Sister made me (which mainly contains photos of me haha) and I have a beautiful framed photo on my piano of me and my nieces and nephews at my farewell party (boo hoo!) Kids grow up so fast so it’ lovely to have memories of when they were smaller up on the walls for the kids to see – and visitors to admire. Although I do have doubts when I see some of the outfits and hairstyles I’m sporting in our family photos from the 80s!

But do they have to be printed?! 

Not only do photos look beautiful in a lovely matte and frame, phones and computers can be lost/ stolen and I’ve lost count of the people who have come to me in tears asking for help to recover their lost images (backup to the cloud people!).

Isn’t storing them on your Facebook page enough?

Whilst I love and appreciate the convenience and instant gratification sharing a photo online brings, these aren’t forever. (Although, now might be a good time to point out that Facebook has a great feature that lets you download all your images so you can archive these forever- learn more here). Don’t forget the Bebo and MySpace disappeared in a flash along with all its content!

Where should I print them?

I think you've got the message now that I think you should print your photos? But where should you print them? it doesn't really matter. I guarantee a 100 year life on my photographs, so if you've had a session with me then you are already safe. Otherwise, I think online is the easiest - especially if they are already stored on your social media. Otherwise, just go into any lab/ photography shop/ chemist/ department store etc (I've suggested a few options for the Dublin folk)- it's more important to just get them done. Wherever is close and easy and just gets you to do it. 

Make a Booking 

Interested in getting some beautiful photos taken that you can print them and showcase on your walls?! Or do you just want to guarantee that your photographs will last a lifetime in your frames? What a great idea, I’d love to help! You can get in touch at any time to discuss (phone: 087 401 6013 or email: sarah@sarah-joy.com).