Do you print your family photos?

Do you print your photos?

Let’s talk about actual printed photo enlargements. Is it even a thing any more?
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I fondly remember the days of dropping off a roll of film at the nearest Kodak shop or chemist and enduring the agonising 3 day wait (or 1 hour service if I was impatient and paying a premium) to collect my 6x4s in the paper envelope. There was a mixture of excitement and then sometimes disappointment as you flicked through the images and half were either blurry, over/ underexposed or just plain black or white (or what that just me?!)

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Are prints dead?

Newspapers are going broke / changing their print strategy. Given we now live in a digital age where everyone carries an amazing camera on their phone, people are printing their photographs less frequently. The increased prevalence of smart phones means that everyone can be an amateur photographer. And what a brilliant hobby to have. In 2017, apparently the world took approximately 1.2 TRILLION photographs (but who counted this, seriously). Many of those were deleted, with selfies being edited and filtered before being shared all over social media.

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Why should I bother printing?

To preserve a special moment and tell your personal story. Photographs connect us with our past feelings and experiences. Don’t you love going to an old hotel and seeing what that street looked like 100+ years before? What will our work look like in another 100 years I wonder.. The technology in photo printers these days is impressive - even the cheaper ones in retail stores such as Harvey Norman and Officeworks do a pretty good job for your small prints. Something is better than nothing, and no-one is visiting to your home and scrutinising your beautiful family memories that are framed on your walls! Yes prints cost money, but they are so cheap - some shops advertise them for $0.05 cents each, ridiculous!

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How beautiful are printed family portraits on a mantlepiece?

They instantly communicate emotion - a picture is worth a thousand words after all. I personally love looking at framed photographs in my family and friends’ homes. Large framed photo montages setup in an instagram style-grid make a beautiful series that are heart warming to see. Polaroids pegged to some string or twine are a lovely idea I suggest to my cake smash clients celebrating their baby’s first birthday. Capturing special milestones is the perfect excuse for printed photographs as you can see the beautiful growth of your loved ones, especially at this age when they change so fast.

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Why are family photos important?

Out simply- these show us exactly what’s important. Recording memories that are special to us. I adore photos and always have, I’ve had so many cameras over the years - my first being from Santa when I was 8 years old. I love looking back at our cheesy family photos from the 80s with our Fluor outfits and curly hair. Even the awkward teenage years of pimples and bad teeth bring back fond memories from my childhood. I read a study recently from a Tennessee University that found that children that regularly see photos of themselves in the family unit feet valued and their self confidence improved. I believe it’s also important to encourage young children to be comfortable in a photo - they are born without any worries and should have their innocence and beauty captured without being self conscious.

James & I on our wedding day, photo by Farah Allan Photography

James & I on our wedding day, photo by Farah Allan Photography

Photographs preserve your legacy

Have you ever lost someone special to you, only to realise the importance of having a photograph of them afterwards? I love going back through the photo and slide archives with my Grandmother which always triggers stories of times gone by, that would be near forgotten if it weren’t for these snippets of time captured on a basic camera. I love the emotion that she shares when remembering such detail in these black and white photos. I can keep these and re-tell the stories I was told to my future babies.

Phones Break

Digital files are constantly getting lost or corrupted; computers and phones break; people don’t backup the cloud and we all know how devastating it is when this happens.

Family photographs should be framed and displayed on a wall

All my clients receive beautiful printed enlargements mounted in a white matte board when they receive their digital prints. Not because they asked for it, but because I don’t give them the choice. This is a gift from me to share the importance of having these prints. These photographs are guaranteed to last at least 100 years. They’re made for sharing with generations. Even if they just get stuck in a box and never see the light of say, someone will open that box when they move house in 10 / 20 years’ time and be delighted to remember back to that moment in time.

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