Sweet Baby Charlie - 20 days

Sweet Baby Charlie

[pronounced: CHAHR-lee] – meaning free man

Sweet baby Charlie came into the studio for his first photo shoot on his 20th day. I loved being able to capture and highlight his perfect and tiny features. I'm sure you've already noticed, but macro photos are my favourite way to showcase the details of a tiny baby's finger print. Being able to zoom in close is a great tool to demonstrate how small a little ones' toes are compared to Mum and Dad’s hands. Charlie is a smart little boy – I mentioned that I was going to take out my favourite macro (zoomed in) lens to photograph his cute little toes. So do you think he would keep them still for me for even a second?! No! Every wrinkle and roll is pure perfection, and is a great reminder or how quickly they grow. 

Cheeky Boy

Charlie loved nothing but to cuddle his parents, so I made the most of it and took lots of beautiful shots of his Mum and Dad giving him loving hugs– look how relaxed and happy he is here! I think we may even be smiling in this one! :) A couple of times when I thought little Charlie was relaxing into a deep sleep, I popped him onto my posing bag...but he woke up and told me right off! He was onto me straight away knowing that he wasn’t being cuddled or fed anymore! Very cheeky, and so intelligent! Scroll down for a couple more examples of Charlie showing off his cheeky personality - taking a 'phone call' even! Whilst he tried to give me a run for my money, luckily I am super patient and persistent so managed to create a beautiful gallery full of precious photos that his parents will cherish forever.

Working with Natural Light 

Working in a natural light studio can be tricky at times, as the light will come in and out and change almost every minute! I’ve noticed that the light is quite different to the studio I had in Melbourne as the window is also facing a different direction, so rather than shooting in the mornings before the sun hit, I now do the opposite in Dublin and wait for the sun to move and shoot from 2pm onwards! The beauty of working in Ireland now also means that grey overcast days are quite common - which is perfect for me (more time to dream up and create beautiful setups!). It's also less stressful for parents, as mornings can be a little ambitious when a little person is in charge :) 

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