Sweet Baby Maisy - 4 months

Baby Maisy – 4 Months

Born 26th May 2016, 8:11am 

Maisy Susan

I was a mixture of emotions when my best friend in the whole world had her first baby 48 hours before I moved to Ireland. I was so happy to have met her darling baby girl Maisy, but also sad that I wouldn’t get to see her grow up and miss all her exciting milestones. You can imagine how over the moon I was when her Mum, Katie and Dad, Shane announced they were coming to visit me all the way on the other side of the world! In true form, Maisy was completely laid back on the 24+ hour flight from Australia to Europe, and hasn’t stopped smiling since she arrived – perfect baby! 


I have known Katie since I was 13 years old, so I was so excited and proud of her when she had her first baby. So it was so lovely when nearly 20 YEARS later Katie was kind enough to let me photograph her while pregnant and again now that Maisy is four months old! As the maternity photos show, she was glowing and so excited to become a Mum for the first time. 

Cheeks for days!

Little Maisy has grown and changed so much in the time since I last saw her, and I couldn’t keep the camera away from her cute little face - we definitely made up for lost time. She is such a perfect baby, so easy going and always super happy (smiles for days – check out the pics!). She has such beautiful eyes and the cutest cheeks you’ve ever seen, so we kept her setups simple and neutral to make sure that she was the star of the show! 

A baby on its tummy with a bonnet

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