What to expect in your newborn photography shoot

What to expect in your newborn photography shoot

Patience and Safety First

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I adore newborn photography sessions and have spent years honing my skills to capture timeless portraits for you. I am super patient, kind and most of all gentle, ensuring the safety of your baby at all times. This guide is written to give you a brief overview on what to expect in your newborn photography shoot and provides a few hints to help get the most of your session. 


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You will receive a warm welcome when you arrive in my home studio. And it will be quite warm! About 22 degrees - to keep bubs happy and comfortable, and ensure he or she is never cold in between setups and changes. 


When you book your session, I will hold a couple of tentative dates for your session around your due date, and when the little bundle of joy arrives, we will confirm a date & time once you are home from the hospital. Newborn photographs are best taken when your little one is under two weeks (typically 5 - 14 days old). Timing is important in these sessions - if the baby is older he or she may not be able to be positioned in the poses as easily. Sessions usually last approx 2 hours, allowing plenty of time for feeding and cuddles. I will usually start the session with baby on the posing beanbag; then bring the family in for group photos; and finishing with props of your choice. 

The Studio

I have a relaxing studio in Fitzroy full of all my photographic equipment and a beautiful selection of props and backdrops for you to choose from. So all you have to bring is yourselves! 

What to wear

Because of the temperature in the room, I recommend parents come dressed in loose layers so everyone can be comfortable during the shoot. Check out my guide on what to wear for more information and tips on your wardrobe for the session. I have a beautiful array of wraps and backdrops for you to choose from, but you’re encouraged to bring along a special outfit for your baby to wear in the family portraits too.

White noise

I will have the Sound Sleeper app (free on the Apple app store) playing softly in the background, as babies are used to being inundated with noise while in the womb (heartbeat, in utero noises and of course Mum's voice!). I also use a nifty little contraption called the Baby Shusher if baby is unsettled as it releases a calming rhythmic 'shh' sound. It is doctor-approved to break a baby's cry spell and engage their natural calming reflex. But sometimes all bubs needs is a cuddle from Mum, so we take our time and let him or her tell us when to continue. 

Sibling boredom! 

Toddlers in particular may find the two-hour session a little long, especially when the attention isn't on them! So I recommend bringing in their favourite toy or book, and maybe a couple of snacks. And I'm not adverse to little bribes too, especially if big brother or sister isn't keen on getting close to the baby yet! There is also an awesome park next door too, so if one of you wants to pop out to burn off some energy you’re welcome to!


Whilst your baby will be in a nappy most of the session, sometimes we like to do shots in the baby’s birthday suit. So it's entirely normal and they happen in each and every shoot, so I always tell my clients to bring in a spare change of clothes for everyone just in case! I will have plenty of wipes on hand, so you don't need to lift a finger. 


Babies are happy and settled when they've just had a feed and will quite often fall asleep on their own. The warmth and increased stimulation can also cause bubs to feed more often than usual, so if you are bottle-feeding, bring along an extra just in case. 


Within 2-3 weeks of your session, a private online gallery will be sent to you where you can review your beautiful proofs. When your order has been placed, your digital files will be sent via USB and your prints sent straight to the professional photographic lab.

Any Questions?

Please feel free to contact Sarah on 0418 526 248 if you have any questions at all. I’m looking forward to meeting you!