What to wear in my family photo shoot?

My top 5 tips on what to wear in a family photoshoot

"What should I wear?!"

The question I am asked the most for family shoots is: “What should we wear?!” I’ve listed my top 5 tips to help you ensure you enjoy being a model for the day, and a few of my favourite places to shop for outfits!

Comfortable and complementary

Wear what you’re comfortable in!

Please don’t go out of your way and make it stressful, we want you to feel yourself during your photoshoot so that your personality can shine through! Wear whatever you are comfortable in. Perhaps start by picking a fave piece from your wardrobe that you love (it might be a dress or skirt) and base the rest of your outfit around it. Or go shopping (my favourite shops are listed below!). There are loads of examples on this page, so feel free to take inspiration from these guys!

what to wear in a newborn photo shoot

Layer layer layer!

Layers are key so you can be comfortable inside or outside the studio, and they add dimension to your outfit – think cardigans, or subtle accessories such as a scarves and belts. If you’re in my studio for a newborn shoot it will get warm, so definitely light loose clothing! You may want to bring along a statement piece of jewellery (i.e. necklace) to dress up your outfit a little more. I also recommend bringing along a change of clothes in case you want to mix it up a bit, or are just unsure - or if there are accidents! If we're doing an outdoor shoot, then bring a change of clothes as we can often get dirty running around! 

Free 'What to Wear' guides from Inspire Me Baby

2. Try to avoid all wearing the same thing!

I know I said anything will be fine, but please don’t all come in black :) Coordinate complementary colours, mixing it up with a slight drop of colour to each person. The best colours are neutral- light grey, pastels like light blue or light pink. For outdoor shoots, I love primary colours such as mustard, maroon and navy, especially for beautiful sunsets. My tip for finding complementary colours is to Google the colour palette (i.e: “mustard colour palette”) for inspiration.

Above all - always to avoid bright / fluorescent colours, especially in the sunlight as you want your family to be the focus of the photo! Similarly, if you’re in a lovely green field/ park, then you should steer clear of green clothes so you don’t blend in! Patterns are also good to avoid.

Colour palette suggestions from www.colorcombos.com

If unsure, neutral is best!

For more formal portraits (indoors / in the studio), I highly recommend sticking to softer/ neutral/ pastel colours, especially for newborn/ baby shoots. My backdrops are white and cream, so sticking to this theme works perfectly. Whites, creams and greys are great to ensure your kids are the focus of the image, and light pinks and baby blues are fine as they don’t overpower the baby. Again, avoiding black on the top half is best, and we will really only focus on this half of your body and not see much of your bottom half.

What to avoid?

I suggest avoiding red, orange and hot pink as these may reflect back up onto the face and detract from the stars of the show. You will see most of the images below are in neutral pastels which suit everyone really well! Avoid too much black on the top off. Avoid bright and bold colours and don’t come wearing the same thing!

what to wear in a newborn photo shoot


Subtle hair pieces always look cute on little girls, especially if your child has long hair, but avoid big or bright accessories which may be distracting. For newborns, I have plenty of beautiful headbands, hats, bonnets and other accessories to choose from in my newborn studio too, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

what to wear in a family photoshoot

4. Textures

Texture are a quick and easy way to add depth to a family photo shoot, especially when working with neutral colours and tones. Fabrics such as lace, ruffles and cable knit all look good but don't detract from the subject. But please avoid tops with patterns.  

5. Where to shop?

My favourite places and cheap to shop for session outfits are Zara and H&M because you can get some simple and affordable pieces that will match well. Look for layers and beautiful pieces in neutrals or subtle pastels that you can easily work around. Jeans and a t-shirt or shirt are a great option for the guys (without putting too much thought into it!) and allows everyone to be comfortable. 

What about Newborn Shoots?

what to wear to a family photoshoot in fitzroy

I would LOVE for you to be in the photos with your newborn. And the same rule applies! Simple is best - neutral tones (white, cream, grey etc) all the way please. For information on what to expect in a newborn photography shoot, please read my blog on 'what to expecthere. Basically, everyone needs a change of clothes because accidents will happen! 

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